About Honess

Shanghai Honess Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 2006. At present, it has developed into a leading and innovative provider of comprehensive environmental solution.

The company focuses on the comprehensive treatment of industrial waste during processing and the whole industrial chain service of water supply in villages and towns. In the industrial area, Honess offers the customers environmentally competitive solution through providing innovative and customized services. In the municipal area, from the product perspective, Honess provides sustainable solutions to solve water environmental problems quickly and efficiently.

With the mission of establishing environmental competitive advantages for customers, Honess is committed to being the leader in environmental services area. Now, we has the advantage of complete industrial chain structure, so we focus on providing customers with one-stop comprehensive environmental protection services including technical consultation, product development, equipment sales and construction as well as operation. Honess has the certificates of environmental engineering special designing for water pollution prevention and control (Class A), environmental engineering construction (Class One), general contracting qualification of municipal public works construction, mechanical and electrical installation engineering construction etc. What’s more, in 2012, Honess was awarded as High-tech Enterprise in Shanghai. In 2016, it was titled as the “small giants cultivated enterprises in Science and Technology” (project to support the small and medium enterprises development). And in 2018, it was awarded the title of Excellent Brand of Environmental Protection.

History of Honess

2006: Honess was established. At that time, the main business was providing engineering and technical services for high-concentration organic wastewater treatment.

2008: The enzymatic biofilm carriers developed by HONESS achieved technological breakthroughs and acquired innovation funds.

2011: Achieved environmental engineering designing certificate for water pollution and environmental engineering construction certificate.

Acquired invention patent for Enzymatic Biofilm Carriers.

2012: Honess was awarded Shanghai High-tech Enterprise.

2013: Enzymatic biofilm carriers and point to point water distributor was identified as the Shanghai High-tech Achievement Transformation Project.

2014: As the first engineering case of zero-emission in thermal power plants, Shenhua Guojiawan Power Plant Project was completed.

As the first BOT case, the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Dianta Town, Shenmu County was operated.

2015: Intelligent Environmental Monitoring System is recognized as Shanghai High-tech Achievement Transformation Project.

Undertake Jinmei Mingshui clean coal gasification project. It was the first construction case in energy and chemical industry.

2016: Won the title of “Shanghai small giants cultivated enterprises in Science and Technology”

The R&D base and production base - Anhui Honess Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Phase I project was completed and put into operation.

The first pharmaceutical CRO industry three waste comprehensive remediation case- Changzhou Hequan new factory supporting environmental protection project was completed.

2017: The first hazardous waste disposal center-Jiangsu Youjia Plant Protection Co., Ltd. Hazardous Waste Disposal Center was completed.

Achieved the certificates of environmental engineering special designing for water pollution prevention and control (Class A), environmental engineering construction (Class One).

2019:Wonderful to continue!

R&D and Manufacturing Strength

The Strength of the factory

Anhui Honess Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., was established in September 2014. As the R&D center, production base and operation headquarters of Shanghai Honess Environmental Tech Corp,, Anhui Honess covers an area of 67000m³(about 100 acres), including 46478m³ construction area. It is located in Jin'an District, Lu'an City, Anhui Province. The first phase was completed and put into operation in 2016. The second phase was started in May 2018. It is estimated that the annual output value will be up to 300 million yuan after the project is put into operation.

Since it was established, Anhui Honess has obtained a number of certificates and become the member of China Environmental Industry Association, the director of Anhui Environmental Protection Association. Besides, Anhui Honess was honored as one of the “Top Ten” development industrial enterprises in 2016, the “Top Ten” industrial enterprises in 2017, and the outstanding contribution enterprise for fiscal in 2017.

Manufacturing Strength

“Top Ten” Suppliers

“Top Ten” development industrial enterprises in 2016,

outstanding contribution enterprise

outstanding contribution enterprise for fiscal in 2017

“Top Ten” Enterprises

“Top Ten” industrial enterprises in 2017

Comprehensive Treatment Services for Industrial Wastes

We offer an environmentally competitive solution for our customers by supplying innovative customized services. For energy and chemical enterprises, Honess provides comprehensive water system treatment solutions while for fine chemical enterprises, we provides comprehensive management services for “three wastes” (waste gas, waste water and waste residues).

1) Three wastes treatment introduction

● Waste Water

In wastewater treatment services area of energy chemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical and pesticide industries, Honess is committed to establish environmental competitive advantages for customers by combining Honess own patent technologies, the UC hydrolysis package and HBF biochemical process package with wastewater pretreatment and advanced treatment process.

● VOCs

Combining with the need of customers and the project’s characteristics, Honess provides a full range of customized solutions for waste gas treatment including its waste liquid, waste residue, etc. In conclusion, Honess offers complete turnkey service in VOSs projects.

● Hazardous Waste

As a professional supplier of high-risk hazardous waste incineration systems, Honess adopts American technology package, focusing on rotary kiln (slag mode), vertical liquid incinerator device and hazardous waste compatibility, flue gas purification system device to provide whole process service of hazardous waste system which includes process package design, integrating design, equipment procurement, construction, commission and operation guidance.

2)Industrial Three Waste Comprehensive Management Cases

● Energy &Chemical

Shandong Jinmei Mingshui Clean Coal Gasification Project

Water Treatment System involving the entire process

It includes raw water station, sewage station, desalinated water station, side filtration station for circulating water, return water station and evaporation system.

Anhui Haoyuan Chemical Group Co., Ltd. Water Treatment Project

It includes the second-stage sewage station in old plant, the first-stage sewage station reconstruction project in old plant, the return water station in old plant, the plant sewage station in new plant and the water reuse project in new plant, etc.

● Fine Chemical Wastewater

Lanxiao Technology Co., Ltd. Water Treatment Project

The designing volume of treated water was 2000m³/d. The water has high COD concentration, high ammonia nitrogen concentration and high salt content. Besides, it has large fluctuations in water quality and quantity.

Changzhou Hequan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Produced wastewater treatment project

The company mainly focus on the research and development of new drugs (CRO/CMO). The amount of treated water is 1800m³/d. The wastewater is collected and classified firstly, and then pretreated separately by their quality. Wastewater contains nitrogen adopts advanced wastewater reuse technology to achieve zero discharge. The other non-nitrogen containing wastewater was discharged after meeting standard.

● VOCs Treatment

Changzhou Hequan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. New Vocs Treatment Project

The volume of VOCs is 159000m³/h.

The project includes 4 4major categories of 16 subsystems, RTO regenerative incineration, 98% removal rate.

● Hazardous Waste Incineration

Jiangsu Youjia Plant Protection Co., Ltd. Hazardous Waste Incineration Project

Treat Capacity: 25000t/y

45 kinds of solid waste, 171 kinds of wastewater with high salt, chlorine, bromine and other halogens and phosphorus.

A 55t/d rotary kiln system (including waste heat recycle) for solid waste and liquid waste treatment.

A 16t/d vertical liquid furnace system (with hydrochloric acid recycle) for liquid waste.

Whole Process System Solution For Rural Area Sewage

Hunan Cili county township sewage treatment plant and pipe network project

Covering 32 townships with a total investment of 450 million yuan. The sewage treatment scale of a single station ranges from 200 m³/d to 2500m³/d, and there are more than 100 sets of iCUBE integrated sewage treatment equipment, with a total designed capacity of 16500 m³/d


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